Upside down, from high up in the air, is a very special point of view! I started getting involved with Cambridge Community Circus towards the end of my Ph.D., and have been enjoying the practice and community both there and at High Wired. Following my move to Finland, I’ve been practicing with Circus Helsinki and Sirkus Magenta.

In my practice I mainly focus on aerial silks and rope. Though I’ve also been doing a bit of cloud, and tried out hoop (not for me at all) and trapeze (fun, but there’s only so much time and I’d rather be good at fewer things than stay more mediocre at all of them ;-))…

To get an idea of what aerial acrobatics can be like in action, here's a recording of my performance at CCC's 2018 autumn show, "Out Of This World":

The following photos are from performances in 2018, 2020, and 2023:

Photos courtesy of Duncan Grisby (colour) and Adam Monaghan (b&w)

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My latest performance, April 2023 in Helsinki, was part of an aerials showcase at SkillzGym. Thank you to Steam Powered Giraffe for the amazing music and inspiring music video!