Biggest changes

“Escape” (get out of temporary dialogues etc.) is not ESC but C+g!

Setup issues

Had some weird issues at first, but restarting Doom (SPC h r r) fixed it. Sometimes you have to restart Emacs as a whole (SPC q r)!

Packages to install

magit direnv - automatically activate python environments based on current directory

config packages

(after! 'tramp
  (setq tramp-terminal-type "tramp")


manually had to run `M-x pdf-tools-install’


s/S are bound to “snipe”, 2-character jump commands. To change the current character, you can use cl instead of s, and to change the whole line you can use cc instead of S.

Weird gotchas/todos

`` () [] “” insert pairs. How to disable? (it’s a mode I can turn off in the config.el)

Undo/redo (u/^R) seem to behave differently, and sometimes redoing ends up undoing and vice versa… Not clear why/when this happens, or how to turn it off. Apparently undo in emacs is just weird in general.

U to undo whole line is not defined.

Vim-like :spl does not support tab completion.

Cool things to do

Avy’s avy-goto-char-2, g s s then two characters and additional characters to directly select any location on the screen.

Git using Magit

Go into magit-status SPC g g.

  • leave again: q
  • help: ?
  • pull: F p (sets pushremote if not done yet)
  • push: P p

to commit: select lines to stage, press s create commit: SPC g c c write commit message, save, C-c C-c

PDF preview:

get help: M-x pdf-tools-help how to return to previous position after clicking link? how to jump to corresponding LaTeX position? how to jump from LaTeX to corresponding pdf position?

fit Page / Height / Width. <num> G jump to page

Workspaces and projects